Setting: Fairy tale with loose dialogue; sometimes medieval, sometimes contemporary. Tinkly fairy tale music, with story teller-type narrator.

Narrator: Shoemaker's Warehouse presents "The Perfect Pair." Once upon a time, there lived a princess with really ugly feet.

Mixed Voices: Eeeeewwwww....Yuck....Cover 'em up, will ya?

Narrator: Princes came seeking her hand, but rarely made it past her feet.

Prince: Ooo...I just remembereth....I've got to fight! Gotta goeth!
(voice loud and trailing) I'll write...

Princess: (moaning) I'll never find a prince with hooves like these!

Narrator: One day, she discovered Shoemaker's Warehouse: 30-60% off retail on brand-name, in-season shoes, purses, belts and accessories. Magically, her clodhoppers became charming, delicate footsies. And another prince came to call...

Prince: What lovely feet you have, m'lady. Must be Shoemaker's Warehouse.

Princess: (delighted) How didst thou know?

Prince: I shop there as well.

Princess: (disgusted) Great! A cross-dresser! Just my luck...

Prince: No! Shoemaker's Warehouse carries shoes for princes as well. (Then sadly) Especially princes with feet like royal barges.

Princess: (relieved and delighted once again) Thou, too? At last, I have found my love!

Prince: (matter-of-factly) On one condition. Our shoes stay on.

Princess: Deal.

(Then trailing off..)

Prince: I've heard about your boats...

Princess: Oh yeah, Mr. "Prince of Clubs"?

Narrator: Shoemaker's Warehouse. In Midtown, on Amsterdam Avenue, and coming soon to Marietta. Open Friday and Saturday 10-7, Sunday 1-6. Call 987-6543 for directions. Shoemaker's Warehouse - for the perfect pair. And that's no fairy tale.



Setting: Wanda and Iris, two friends. Wanda is perky, excited and sort of clueless - high voice. Iris is calmer, low-key and sarcastic - low voice.

VO: Shoemaker's Warehouse presents, "Get A Life."

Iris: So Wanda, what are you up to this weekend?

Wanda: Shoemaker's Warehouse, of course.

Iris: Shoemaker's Warehouse?

Wanda: Sure. 30-60% off retail on brand-name, in season shoes, purses, belts, briefcases and accessories.

Iris: (hesitantly) Um...besides Shoemaker's Warehouse, what are you doing?

Wanda: (cheerfully and matter-of-factly) Well, let's see. I'll go to Shoemaker's Warehouse after work on Friday. (Like a sidebar) They are open till 7. Then, of course, I can shop Saturday and Sunday. I guess that's the weekend, isn't it?

Iris: (pausing) I worry about you Wanda. You need to get out more. Like, on a date maybe?

Wanda: (brightly) Oh, Shoemaker's Warehouse sells men's shoes too!

Iris: That's not exactly what I had in mind...

Wanda: That's where I met Richie...and Joe. And (dreamily) Francois...

Iris: (suddenly interested) Francois?

Wanda: Yeah, we're going out Saturday night...

Iris: Um, mind if I tag along to Shoemaker's Warehouse. I was going to the beach this weekend, but hey, I can go to the beach anytime!

VO: Shoemaker's Warehouse. With two convenient locations. In Midtown, off Amsterdam Avenue and coming soon to Marietta. Open Friday and Saturday 10-7, Sunday 1-6. Call 987-6543 for directions. Shoemaker's Warehouse. We're like that special someone: A little hard to find, but you'll love us forever.


Thriftway VISA "Choose It And Use It" Holiday Sweepstakes Radio Spot

Setting: Doris and Glenda, two middle-aged friends and professional shoppers, at the mall. Mall sounds, with Christmas music playing in the background.

VO: Thriftway Visa presents the "Choose It And Use It" Holiday Sweepstakes.

Salesperson: Will that be cash or charge, M'am?

Doris: Charge. Here you go.

Glenda: (whispering) Don't use that one. Use that one.

Doris: (whispering back) Which one?

Glenda: The Thriftway VISA.

Doris: Why? They're all the same.

Glenda: No, they're not. Thriftway VISA's got their "Choose It And Use It" Sweepstakes going on. Everytime you use your Thriftway VISA for ANY retail purchase between October 1 and December 31, you get one more entry in their Grand Prize drawing for a $2000 Holiday Shopping Spree!

Doris: You're kidding?

Glenda: Doris, would I kid about something like this?

Doris: ANY retail purchase between October 1 and December 31?...

Glenda: Isn't that what I just said?

Doris: --gets me one more entry to win a $2000 shopping spree??!!

Glenda: Is there an echo in here?

Doris: Oh, miss, I'd like to use my Thriftway Visa instead. But, just put the one blouse on the ticket.

Salesperson: What about the other things?

Doris: Oh, I'll buy them in a minute...

Glenda: (proudly) You're learning, my dear.

VO: Thriftway VISA. Just use it.



Prudential Home Equity Lines of Credit - Radio Spot - Mr. Nothing

Setting: Radio talk show. Real glad-handling phony-type talk show host, and Mr. Nothing, an eccentric gentleman of very few words.

VO: Prudential Bank presents Mr. Nothing!

Talk Show Host: We're here today with Mr. Nothing. Good day, Sir. What's going on with you these days?

Mr. Nothing: (excited) Nothing!

Host: (chuckling) Hah! Got me! Walked right into that one! So, what brings you here today?

Mr. Nothing: Nothing!

Host: (muttering to his guest) OK, cute's cute, pal, but I've got a show to run. (Returns to regular voice) So, what pearls of wisdom have you got to share with the folks at home?

Mr. Nothing: Nothing!

Host: Listen buddy. Here's the drill. You're here to talk about Prudential Bank's two new Home Equity Lines of Credit. PruPrime, which offers an interest rate of prime rate plus nothing. And PruAdvantage, which provides a competitive interest rate and nothing for closing costs and origination fees. You got that? Did I leave anything out?

Mr. Nothing: Nothing!

Host: Great! Now, let's start again, before we replace you with a canary. All set? Do you need anything?

Mr. Nothing: Nothing!

Host: Geez. You're a regular dynamo, you know that? The ladies must love ya. What's your social life like?

Mr. Nothing: Nothing!

Host: Big surprise...

VO: Prudential Home Equity Lines of Credit. Choose Prime plus nothing or nothing for closing costs and origination fees. What else is there to say?



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