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You. Busy. Focused. Exacting. Without the time, inclination or staff to do all your sales and marketing writing in-house. You want a freelance copywriter who “gets it” the first time. Someone who lets you check things off your “to-do” list, not add to it. You understand the value a freelance marketing writer can offer: no salaries/benefits to provide; buy only what you need only when you need it; and fresh "outsider" perspectives. 

Me. Marketing copywriter. Author. 15 years in sales prior to starting my marketing writing practice in 1993 means I write to sell. I offer "get-it-right-the-first-time" marketing copywriting services (including SEO writing), minus the hand-holding and constant interruptions. You’ll get “nailed” first drafts delivered when promised and for the price agreed on. No surprises.

I’m a smart, creative and strategic marketing copywriter who can step into your world and quickly get up to speed. Most importantly, I understand “audience,” features/benefits, and USP and how to craft copy that incorporates those cornerstone marketing writing concepts into
copy that communicates powerfully to your audience.

I'm a marketing writer who delivers, for starters...

  • Sales/Marketing Mindset drives strategic thinking and "audience" focus
  • Engaging, Conversational marketing writing style (humorous where appropriate)
  • Creative Brainstorming for headlines, ideas, and themes that sing…
  • Turnkey Projects - creative network of graphic/web designers, photographers and illustrators means "single-source" solutions.

I'll help your company speak
like it's never spoken before.

Peter Bowerman
3713 Stonewall Circle
Atlanta, GA 30339
peter @ writeinc.biz





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